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 This year Ashbourne United FC are teaming up with one of our local charities A.S.A.P (Ashbourne Suicide Awareness And Prevention) to help raise awareness for mental health within our club and community.

The Club is delighted to work alongside such a dedicated group of people such as A.S.A.P who work tirelessly with passion and enthusiasm to raise awareness for mental health in Ashbourne. It is truly inspiring...

 We believe as a community club it’s our responsibility and privilege to try and help our community in which ever way we can, and we feel our group of volunteers who give their time unconditionally to the running of our club can also bring a lot of expertise and support to help our local charities.


Ashbourne United would like to achieve several different goals in our quest to support A.S.A.P in the brilliant work they do regarding mental health and the supports that are available in our community and the surrounding areas .

Firstly, we would like run age specific workshops /talks for all our teams from our little girls and boys in the academy to our senior ladies and men, we are hoping to include our parents and grandparents .

The Club will work closely with A.S.A.P and there supports to run our workshops / talks to hopefully reach all our members in a very age specific way and create an environment where our children and adults will feel safe and confident to discuss their own mental health...

On completion of our awareness workshops we wish to supply a training top with both Ashbourne United’s logo and A.S.A.P logo. this we hope will raise awareness in our area for this great cause.

The Club also wish to erect several signs around our complex in public areas ,around pitches, in all our dressing rooms and to provide flyers highlighting the mental health supports in our area.


Finally, we will use all our online platforms to highlight this partnership project and all the great work that A.S.A.P. ( and the supporting organizations') do for our society. We believe that by highlighting all the work that A.S.A.P. do.

By engaging with our members and families, that it will create an environment that reinstates the belief that it's ok to talk about mental health and it’s brave to do so.  This will hopefully normalise and destigmatise mental health issues for everyone.

Useful Contacts


Pieta House -

Spunout Text Chat -

Aware -

Grow –

Jigsaw Meath –

Recovery Ireland Self Help Method –

Aoibhneas Women Refuge –

Women’s Aid –

Turn2Me -

Shine –

Bodywhys –

Amen –

The Dublin Rape Crisis Centre –

HSE Mental Health Services –

The National Office for Suicide Prevention -  (01) 6201670

 Childline 24 Hour Helpline - 1800 666 666 

 Parent Line Support & Information - 1890 927 277

 Drug & Alcohol Help Line - 1800 459 459

 Teen Line - 1800 833 634

Nurture - (01) 8430930

ash u logo_edited.png
ash u logo_edited.png
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